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Droppin Down for Finicky Panfish
by Bob Bohland

We have all had those times when you can't seem to buy a bite out on the water, whether it be through the ice or in a boat. One technique that I have come to rely on for panfish in these situations is the Dropshot Rig. The Dropshot Rig has been popularized by professional bass fishing in recent years, though few fishermen use it for any other species. The same principles that make it work for heavily pressured, tight lipped bass work equally well for other species, especially panfish through the ice. The reason a dropshot works is that it allows an angler to present a small bait in front of a fish for a long period of time. We used a dropshot rig at the NAIFC Chisago Lake Qualifier last season to pick up fish in holes that had already been fished by other anglers; in fact most of our largest fish came on a dropshot out of holes someone else had just vacated. click here for panfish dropshot tips!!!.

Keeping Your Fall Options Open
by Ron Anlauf

In between trips to North Dakota for ducks, South Dakota and SW Minnesota for pheasants, and northern Minnesota for grouse, there's some really good walleye fishing to be had. The tough part is giving up one for the other and has been made even more difficult with pheasant numbers up and grouse up in certain areas. Even so; you might find the tradeoff to be worthwhile, especially when you start hooking up with chunky late season 'eyes. click here to Read about Fall Walleyes!.

Muskie Maintenance
by Chris Haider

It's a good time as we enter the 2nd half of muskie season to do some maintenance stuff...... Line: Check your line, peel off 10-20 feet or so and feel it, you'll be surprised at the wear. Flip the line on the spool if it's been used a lot. Knots: I know some leaders never come off a particular rod, but re-tie those knots. I do every time I get home, they fray, they have a tremendous amount of stress/torque on them with the heavier lures. Heck, I re-tie mid-day and after EVERY fish. click here For Tips on Mid-season Muskie clean up!.

LiveBait Rigging Works
Turk Gierke

Livebait rigging catches walleyes everywhere the marble eye swims, but rigging requires practice like no other presentation. After going through three 500 count crawler flats so far this season, I've assembled a bit of this seasons practice to keep you in good livebait rigging form. click here For a great story and a few tips!.

That First Longbeard
Deitz Dittrich

The night before opening day of my turkey season in Wisconsin found me driving down a dirt road--my mission given to me by my mentor Mr. Joel Nelson, whom I consider to be one of the best turkey hunters I know. My job was to “put a bird to bed,” which entails being as quiet as possible and getting near a roost area, close enough to hear a bird fly to roost but far enough so as to not spook the bird. Some people use calls to help in this; getting the bird to “shock gobble” on the limb can be done using a variety of non-turkey calls such at an owl hoot, crow call, or even a goose call. As I am not proficient in any of these calls, I relied on my ability to just be stealthy and used my ears to let me know where the birds were. I went to several locations and felt confident that I had located at least one bird to pursue. I went back to the cabin and waited for Joel (who was to hunt with me, making my quest quite a bit easier) to arrive to talk about the morning game plan. click here For a great story and a few tips!.

Blade Your Way to Mid Summer Eyes
Ron Anlauf

Riggers, jiggers, crankers, and bladers, all nicknames for anglers who use a particular method in pursuit of the elusive walleye. The most successful fisherman have become adept at applying all of the aforementioned techniques. While all methods can produce all year long; they're not always the most productive method for that particular moment. Being able to read the conditions and adjusting your presentation can keep you on the fish. click here to Fish Muskies on a Fly Rod!!!.

Walleyes and Wind
Jason Mitchell

The affect of wind on walleye is almost cliché. Follow the wind or fish the windy shore. Wind stacks up baitfish and then the walleye follow. The reality is however that this cliché is only right half the time so this theory is just another half truth. There are so many scenarios where wind has a negative affect on walleye location and movements. There are many times where we are more productive avoiding the wind and the more we can recognize just when wind is not good for our fishing efforts, the better anglers we can become. click here to Fish Muskies on a Fly Rod!!!.

Muskies on a Fly Rod

Finals week in college, and a friend (who caught 6 skies last fall) and I decided to get up at 4:30am this morning to leave for fishing the Wisconsin River for skies for the last time before I go back to MN tommorrow. (Muskie below highway 10 in WI opened May 3) click here to Fish Muskies on a Fly Rod!!!.

Poster Contest

Seventh- and eighth-grade students from Walnut Grove and Champlin were the top winners in the 24th annual Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) "Roadsides Are for the Birds" poster contest. click here for "Roadsides Are for the Birds" poster contest info!!!.

Back to the Basics

Collecting dust on a shelf in the garage was where it eventually landed, a big old bucktail lure I bought years ago in anticipation of the only muskie fishing trip I ever went on. I had forgotten about the bucktail, until the day my rambunctious Labrador discovered it. click here to get Fishin the old way!!!.

South Dakota's Missouri River System Walleyes
Carl Madson

Plastics have really made an impact on river walleye fishing. Plastics allow anglers to change shapes, colors and size with an ease that cannot be accomplished with the traditional minnow or shiner. Jigs tipped with a plastic body often shine in river fishing conditions for a variety of reasons. First off, the current present in rivers sweeps the jig by fish and fish have to decide quickly if they are going to eat. Often, the fish don't get a chance to scrutinize the bait or lure. click here to Fish for Walleyes on the Missouri River System.

An Economical Taste Of Tournament Fishing
Wayne Ek

Field staffing for two marketing groups allows me to work at a number of fishing/hunting and boating shows during the year. Surprisingly, one of the most commonly asked questions is about getting started in tournament fishing. I get the feeling that there are a substantial number of anglers that fish for both bass and walleyes on a recreational level, but wonder what it would be like to fish a tournament for their favorite species. I fish a number of different tournament series so I know that tournament fishing can become very time consuming and quite expensive. But, there is a simple way to get a "little taste of tournament fishing" to see if you like it, to satisfy your curiosity and still keep the time commitment and out-of-pocket-costs to a minimum. list. click here to go Tournament Fishing.

Dark Water Walleyes
Ron Anlauf
Dark Water Eye

Not all good walleye water is of the crystal clear pristine variety, if fact some of the best options are downright dark. Walleyes inhabit a wide range of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, and their size and makeup can vary greatly, including water clarity. The present clarity can have a definitive effect on exactly where walleyes can be found and just how active they might be. Dark or stained is even preferred in many situations, and there are a number of good solid reasons for keeping dark water at the top of your "to do" list. click here for Dark Water Walleys Tactics.

13 Lb Mississippi River Walleye
Mississippi River Walleye

Made it out to pool 4 on Sunday and hooked up with this 13 pound monster on the first cast. Shatters my previous personal best of 10 pounds. She was the fattest walleye I have ever seen. 29.5 inches long with a girth that looked like she swallowed 2 basketballs. Ended up being the only bite for our boat, but it was worth it! She's still swimming to release those eggs! Mississippi River Walleyes for more fishing info click here.

Wayne Ek

It should come as no surprise to bass addicts that swimbaits catch fish. They catch a lot of fish and big fish. That's a tournament anglers dream. But for bass anglers in the northern regions that dream can turn to an expensive nightmare in the form of muskies, Northern pike or walleyes; toothy critters have a tremendous affinity for swimbaits. So I wanted to find a soft swimbait that was reliable when targeting largemouth bass and was still cheap enough to use in waters infested with Northern pike. I also wanted to find a bait that was so simple to use that my clients on guide trips could learn to use it quickly. Click here For More on Cheap Swim Bait Tactics!!.

Big Buck Bass
Ron Anlauf
Big Buck Bass

Competition can be a good thing and most people engage in one way or another, whether they'd care to admit it or not. Bowlers will join leagues, same for golfers, same thing for archers. Card players might enter Texas Holdem' Tournaments, pie bakers enter baking contests, and so on and so on. There's competition involved and all would like to win and it gives them a chance to see how they stack up. Anglers really aren't any different and many have joined clubs, fished in a league, or entered a big time team or pro-am tournament. They do it because they love to fish and enjoy the competition along with the camaraderie. It doesn't make them any better than anyone else, but it can make them better anglers. Click here to go Tournament Bass Fishing!! .

Muskie Fanatics Gather!
Scott R. Mackenthun

Minnesota Muskie Fanatics locked up in cabins, basements, and garages took a break from sharpening hooks, making online equipment orders, and drooling over trophy Muskie videos to attend their favorite off season gathering, the Minnesota Muskie Expo. Held 100 days into the season's 190 day closure, the Muskie Expo is the "over the hill" celebration as folks count down the days until the first behemoth lures can hit the water June 7th. Click here for more on the Muskie Fishing Fanatics gathering.

Bass Fishing Tactics
Ron Anlauf

Going toe to toe with a bunch of pole bending line stretching early season bass is the best way to get over winter withdrawals. With all of the new plastic and hard baits and all of those bass waiting to be fooled it's time to have some real fun. Although it won't always be easy, there's almost always a way to get 'er done. Click here to get bass fishing tactics .

Pre-Historic Lake Sturgeon - Still Fishing for Them!
Tom Hatlestad
Tom Hatlestad & Joe Paquin Have you ever fished for a prehistoric creature? I'm talking about something that has been on this planet before human ancestors. For many, the answer is no. Luckily for me, I live in Minnesota and each spring get a chance to fish for lake sturgeon. Click here to go fishing for huge Lake Sturgeon on Lake of the Woods!!!.

Lund Unveils New Line of Fiberglass Boats
Scott Mackenthun
Ted Lund MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – “For thirty years, I’ve been running a Lund,” Al Linder tells Saturday morning fishing show viewers in popular Lund boat advertisements. Move over Uncle Al, you ain’t seen nothing yet. On Wednesday, January 23, 2008, celebrating sixty years in the business, Lund boats officially unveiled their new GL line of fiberglass boats at the Minneapolis Boat Show in front of a small crowd of Lund executives, professional anglers, and media reporters. Click here to see what new addition Lund has to offer the fishing world, and why going fiberglass can help you become a better angler!.

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Rugbyguy Walleye
13 Lbs-Mississippi River
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